This version of the API has now been discontinued. You can find documentation for the new version here.
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Akkroo for Developers

Welcome to Akkroo Developer Support. All our documentation is publicly available here so that you can get started with building your own applications and interface with Akkroo’s extensive API.


Our REST API allows you to import, export and manage events and the data you collect.

In order to use our REST API, you will need an API key which you can access from your dashboard.

API Documentation


Our Webhook system will immediately send a signal to any URL of your choice each time an event takes place.

For example, when a person is added to Akkroo via data capture or event registration.

Webhook Guide


Akkroo Labs is our open source initiative. Core technologies we develop when building Akkroo are packed up and published to GitHub to be used and developed freely by the community.

Find out more, download the raw files or learn how to contribute.