This version of the API has now been discontinued. You can find documentation for the new version here.
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Company is a model-only endpoint — you cannot access a collection of companies, only the company associated with your access token.


Field definitions

Property Type Methods Description
name String GET
{ "name": "Wexler Inc." }
The name of the company
username String GET
{ "username": "wexler-inc" }
The username of the company. This is the username used for logging in to the App.
accountExpires String, null GET
{ "accountExpires": "2013-12-02" }
Date in format YYYY-MM-DD. The account expires at midnight at the start of the day.
numDevices Integer GET
{ "numDevices": 4 }
The number of individual devices active in the last 2 weeks.
lastModified String GET
{ "lastModified": "Thu, 26 Sep 2013 11:45:22 GMT" }
Timestamp of the last change to the company attributes. Formatted with Akkroo Date and Timestamp Formats.
created String GET
{ "created": "Mon, 07 Oct 2013 11:42:34 GMT" }
The company creation date. Formatted with Akkroo Date and Timestamp Formats.